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Why shrink wrapping machine so popular


[China Packaging Network News] shrink packaging has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications, especially the small size of the product bundle packaging. The small size bundling beer package has better flexibility and is more portable, so it is increasingly favored by consumers. With the increase in the market demand for small-sized bundled beer packaging, bottle-neck shrink packaging machines will have more room for development.

Shrinking machines use shrink film to reduce the cost of packaging, and the shrink film is cheap. The shrinking machine tightly wraps the shrink film around the outside of the article, which saves space when it is stored and transported. . Food packaging machinery has become an indispensable packaging machine for food production enterprises with the continuous development of China's market economy. The shrinking machine has not been recognized from the beginning and has now emerged on the packaging production line. The shrinking machine is recognized as inseparable from people. Environmental awareness and corporate trust. The shrink packaging of heat shrink packaging machines is one of the more advanced packaging methods on the market today.

Through surveys of nearly 20 well-known companies in the beverage, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and beer industries, it was found that the main reasons for the confirmation of heat shrinkable packaging technology are: to reduce costs, promote sales, and increase shelf-display performance. With the shrink packaging, diversification of packaging forms is more conducive to promotion, and at the same time, it has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications. In particular, small-size product packaging bundles can save nearly ten million yuan in heat shrink in the pharmaceutical industry to replace cartons. Some pharmaceutical packaging said that because the pharmaceutical industry now has relatively low requirements for external packaging, companies use heat-shrinkable packaging more to reduce overall costs by reducing the cost of packaging materials.

According to the editors of China Packaging Network, at present, foreign countries have already used heat shrink packaging to completely replace carton or half-pallet carton. It is expected that in the next 3 to 5 years, with the development of heat-shrinkable packaging technology and continuous improvement of the heat-shrinkable film pressure capacity, In a certain size of packaging, the sleeve heat shrink packaging machine can completely replace the carton or heat shrinkable half-pallet box, and the heat shrinkable packaging machine will have more room for development.

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